Tabar: Water projects to stop abuse of women

National, Normal

The National- Tuesday, January 11, 2011


MEMBER for Gazelle Malakai Tabar said there is a need to stop the abuse of mothers and young girls in East New Britain in carrying water. 

Tabar made this known during the launching of works on the Raim and Tanaka K1.4 million water project at Raim on Thursday, he said it was discouraging to see mostly females in the province carrying 25-litre containers of water everyday especially since it had not rained for a good nine months since April 2010.

He said one could hardly see young men carry water which was not fair to the women and girls.

Tabar said women in ENB had begun to grow broad shoulders from carrying heavy containers of water and this was sad to see.

“We may not realise it but we are abusing our children and mothers in fetching water especially when male youths are preoccupied with consuming marijuana and homebrew.”

He said this was why such water projects when established should be looked after by the people in the community.

Tabar said in the past younger boys and the community have generally stolen the water pump, dug up and removed pipes and damaged tanks. 

This water project is the first project undertaken by University of Natural Resources and Environment through its Integrated Agriculture Training Project (IATP).

The project has engaged local engineers and would run for 24 weeks, expected to be completed in July.