Tablebirds add touch to school footy

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NIUGINI Tablebirds is the first corporate company to step in to support the school touch football competition.
The company’s regional sales manager Vincent Kaiser, when presenting the touch rugby balls yesterday, said the company was pleased to support the initiative taken by the touch federation.
“As you know, Niugini Tablebirds is the only distributor of premium quality chickens which will give extra energy when playing touch and the company is pleased to support as a token to the community,” Kaiser said.
Touch Federation PNG president Joe Yore was grateful for the assistance by  Niugini Tablebirds.
“I just e-mailed my corporate friends on the plan and 2010 calendar regarding touch and was pleased that Niugini Tablebirds put their hands up to support the school programme, which is basically a development programme,” Yore said.
He reiterated that the school touch competition was targeting the IEA schools in Port Moresby and later it would branch out to community schools before moving to other provinces.
The main objective of the school competition is to get a team ready in time for the All School World championships in Singapore next year.
Yore said there would be two different competitions – the IEA and the local community schools.
Both IEA and the community schools will then pick their squads to challenge each other for the national schools touch rugby football team.
 Touch Federation PNG has also expressed interest to host the 2015 International Touch Federation (ITF) Cup in Port Moresby.
In a reply to ITF secretary-general Dennis Coffey, Yore said there was no other place in the world to be in 2015 than Papua New Guinea.
“In 2015, there is only one place in the world you must be in or miss the Pacific way in Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian environment.
“Apart from improved sporting facilities, you will be in a country that is surrounded by Asian super power nations and the aroma of Pacific islands, a contrast worth feeling, as the sun sets in the evening.
“It will be exciting times for the economy, they have a colourful and unique diverse culture unmatched anywhere in the world than Papua New Guinea.
Yore urged the world touch executives that they would honour PNG with their presence in 2015 and our destiny to play host as the largest Pacific island nation for the 2015 Touch Football World Cup, celebrating 30 years of touch football in PNG.