Tabubil High’s top scorer

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The National – Thursday, December 9, 2010

NOT new to being a top student, Ryan Tagai has done it again.
He was named the dux of Tabubil High School this year.
Despite the early closure of the school due to the cholera outbreak in Western, Tabubil High School organised a small ceremony last Friday to present letter of attainments to Grade 10 students and award prizes to its top students.
Tagai did it in style, picking up all prizes on offer.
He was the talk of the little mining town of Tabubil since last Friday.
Thanking Ok Tedi Mining Ltd and Star HR Ltd, the employers of his parents, he said without the continued support of the companies involved in the Mt Fubilan project, children in rural Western would not have an education.
He was grateful for the education assistance he had received from OTML.
However, Tagai also raised concern about the unfortunate children in the rural areas of PNG.
Speaking after the graduation, he said: “With all the money coming into the country, it is a must for all the children in PNG to be given equal opportunities to get an education.”
Tagai said if the government could not help these unfortunate children, then it should support the churches financially to provide that much needed service.
He applied to Sogeri National High School to do Grade 11  next year.
Tagai is from the remote village of Tasitel on New Ireland’s Mussau Island.
He lives with his parents in Tabubil where his father is a senior employee of OTML.