Tabubil polls into elimination process

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 26th, 2013


THE Star Mountains LLG elections in Tabubil, Western, are almost complete with officials starting the elimination count on the president seat yesterday.

Former Western Governor Norbert Makmop from Tabubil said yesterday that polling in 13 council wards in Tabubil had been completed except for the president’s seat.

He said the counting of primary votes for the Star Mountain LLG president seat began on Wednesday and was into the elimination process yesterday.

Sitting councillor Borok Pitalok was leading with 1,746 votes followed by Fred Dangimon 782 and John Wanimon 592.

Makmop said for the Olsobip LLG, wards which had completed polling were Bolangun, Duwinim, Imigabip, Golgobip, Kungabip, Dumunak, Biangabip and Dahamo.

However, he said due to bad weather, polling in some wards in Olsobip were delayed as four polling teams into the area got stranded in Biangabip.

Makmop said 11 people, including himself, were contesting the Olsobip LLG president seat.