Tabubil schools celebrate opening of new classrooms

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday August 6th, 2013

 STUDENTS at the Finalbin and Wangbin primary schools, outside Tabubil, in Western, celebrated the opening of their two new classrooms last Friday. 

The two double-storey buildings with four classrooms each were opened by the managing director of Mineral Resources Development Company Augustine Mano and Governor of Western Ati Wobiro.

The classrooms were funded by Mineral Resources Star Mountains, a subsidiary company of MRDC.

School founder Biul Kirokim challenged  OTML managing director Nigel Parker to help the school and other infrastructure in the community 

“You have done a lot but we need you to improve further. It has been 30 years and development has been slow by OTML,” Kirokim said. He said it was a struggle as he and the chairman of MRSM had built the school from scratch.

“This was a soccer field in the past but me and the chairman back-filled it and built the classrooms and the school itself,” Kirokim said

Chairman of MRSM Bill Menim said it had been a struggle but it was through good leadership that such services could be provided. 

Mano commended the initiative by MRSM and said it ensured that education was a major priority.  

“We have been paying dividends for a long time and this is a positive way for you to spend the money towards education,” Mano said.

Both the classrooms were built with the same design and cost K1.6 million kina each.