Taekwondo clinics over Xmas

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The National – Friday, December 24, 2010

SPORT Taekwondo Papua New Guinea with support from Changhae Tapioka PNG, the South Korean Embassy and the World Taekwondo Federation will be hosting taekwondo coaching sessions over the festive season focusing more on next year’s potential taekwondo athletes for the Pacific Games.
Sessions began Monday and will run through to Jan 28 at the Institute of Business Studies in 6-Mile, Port Moresby.
STAPNG’s national coach Edward Kassman said: “The training will be more focused on competition skills and will be a good opportunity for potential PNG athletes.”
He said that selection for the SP Games next year would begin next month.
“It was a surprise programme and not many athletes know about it apart from the 10 that have already started since Monday,” Kassman said.
The programme follows that of the World Taekwondo Peace Corps (WTPC) training programme which ran in July and August and was aimed at developing the sport and revive its popularity through a request initiated by the STPNG.
This time there are two male taekwondo experts from the WTPC currently in the country to host the coaching sessions.
“PNG has some very good athletes and with such programmes that come once in a while.
“It will be a very good opportunity for them to enhance their skills during the sessions,” Kassman stressed.
“I’ve been the coach of the local teams here in PNG but for them to train with experts gives them a different feel and outlook to the sport which is encouraging.”
The sessions run on Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s with a registration of K20.
STPNG encouraged the general public and other martial art codes to attend the event.
For further information please contact Edward Kassman on 3441908 or  72199349.