Taekwondo to conduct six-weeks schools’ holiday training


STONE’S Taekwondo and NCD Taekwondo will be conducting a six-week schools holiday martial arts and taekwondo training programme from Dec 18 to Jan 26.
The programme will incorporate the traditions of taekwondo, self-defence and the sporting aspects of the martial arts.
The training focus on 10 areas of general fitness, complete stretch routine, fun taekwondo games, fitness programmes, traditional taekwondo, self-defence techniques, Kempo Arnis techniques, sports martial arts tournament techniques, full Chung do Kwang taekwondo syllabus, introduction to Brazilian Jujitsu and Hapkido martial arts.
Two guest instructors from the Philippines and Australia will conduct Jujitsu and Hapkido sessions.
Martial arts master Jamuga Stone, the coordinator, said this martial arts programme targeted youth from the ages of seven to 20 years.
The two categories were Little Dragons category — will cater for students from 7-14-year-olds ( girls and boys); Young Warriors category — will cater for the students from 15-20 years olds (girls and boys).
Other martial arts styles will be invited to come and run sessions on given days and times during the school holidays.
For more details Stone can be contacted on mobile: 79725922 or 75467220 or email: [email protected]