Tagis urges students to return to classes

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UNIVERSITY of Technology students have been urged to return to classes to complete the 2010 academic year.
Office  of  Higher Education director-general Dr William Tagis said with only about five weeks remaining, students should not put up barricades but look at the issue in a mature way.
He said the education department, office of higher education and ministry wanted to  resolve the problem permanently.
Tagis said the school calendar would be extended for about three weeks to make-up for the class time lose during the clash.
“All students must return to classes, first, second, third, fourth and fifth years,” Tagis said.
He said it was “imperative” especially for next year’s graduates to return and complete the part of their studies.
He said the country was in the hands of the young people and in order of the progress students needed to complete their studies.
When contacted this week, he said he was still waiting for an update from the university on the situation on the ground indicating that the last information he had received was students returning slowing to classes and departmental heads attending a meetings.
He was, however, unaware of the nature of the meeting.