‘Take back’ Hela, PM told

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OPPOSITION Leader Belden Namah has called on Prime Minister James Marape to “take back” his district in Hela before more people die and properties destroyed.
Namah was commenting on police officers storming the Hela provincial headquarters and treasury building in Tari on Wednesday morning forcing their closure.
They were demanding to be paid allowances for the security operations they were involved in during the state of emergency. Namah said hundreds of people led by the police officers entered the Hela White House, the treasury building and police station, sending staff home.
They wanted the Hela MPs including Tari-Pori MP Marape to return to the province to address their problems.
“The Hela people are fed up with the lack of leadership on the ground where warlords control the districts and services are grinding to a stop,” Namah said.
“Dozens of people including police and defence force personnel have been murdered and wounded in tribal wars, particularly in the Tari-Pori district.
“That is why I am renewing my call for Prime Minister James Marape to resign, go back and take back Tari first.
“Schools and health facilities have been burnt to the ground and the people are desperate for the survival of their families.”
Marape could not be reached for a comment yesterday.
But Hela Governor Philip Undialu said no funds had been allocated to cater for such allowances and called on Police Commissioner David Manning to reprimand the officers for the unruly behaviour.
Namah said when such public protests where the people and the police join together and storm government facilities including the police station, “you know something is seriously wrong”.


  • PM seems to have diverted all his concentration on POM while his VOTERS are going wild..And to make matters worse, they are supporting the LAW ENFORCERS.. Interesting…

  • Can we please have all members of parliament go and stay in your electorates. I think that will be much more helpful to the people. Leader stap wantaim hauslain bai mo gutpela than staying away. Use telephones to communicate with office bearer in POM than you physically staying in POM and using phone to communicate with people in your electorates… This is the opposite thing altogether. Please we need to get things right.

  • The PM is doing his job in POM for convenience sake. Big thanks to all police officers for your tiredless effort to mantain law and order. However, whats wrong with the police officers in Hela? They should understands that the country is struggling to keep us safe. Atleast they got their pay forthnightly, and wait on the government for allowences. Ill decipline police officers, should write formally to the government and take next step according to their reponse, Rather than flooding the government offices and causing chaos.
    Please respect your profesion and preserve your intergrity.

  • James Marape is the PM for PNG. That is JM’s priority # 1 – managing national issues. Back to Tari-Pori and the rest of PNG, why not we, the people of all walks of , get civilized and live our lives!

  • If realty is measured against what is happening around, I believe Belden Namah electorate, is the least, backward nowhere near Hela & Enga.. Keeping on reminding, don’t trust the newspapers, trust what you can see, what others can not see to compare. Quiet Or silence are stubborn provinces can not move to the next level.
    Look at your territory spirit that is dominating West Sepik, if you can rise up & destroy, your eyes wont open see.

    This season is a year of reward, Hela is rewarded, for being a plantation boy, Hela is rewarded for what PNG is
    today….those little issue in Hela today are minor issues, Lets think big to take this nation back.

    • Very well said Joe Ima, I hope the PPC of Hela to get down hard and maintained law&order out there.
      It is not the PMs’ job.
      PM has much bigger and the whole of PNG to manage.
      Let us understand that not whole of Hela are doing these killing.

      • Opposition Leader should at list appreciate PM Marape for some good things hes doing for the country rather than looking for minor problems arising in Ela Province. There’s man on the ground to handle such issues in Tari. Hope OL don’t talk about Ela issues again.

  • BN, your quote here calling for PMJM’s Resignation really shows you are so hungry for power to be the Prime Minister.
    “That is why I am renewing my call for Prime Minister James Marape to resign, go back and take back Tari first.”
    You seem to be crying over spilt milk since the election of PMJM as Prime Minister in the VONC.
    Every time there is an incident in Tari, you jump up and down as though your life is at threat.
    PMJM has the nation of PNG to manage. A person in your status should very well know that PNG Govt has agencies responsible for Law and Order and public Finance Authorities to sort out issues such as Allowances and so forth.
    Come on BN, Grow up and get your priorities right, rather than majoring in minor things and minoring in major things.

    Grow up

  • While Namah has been vocal on many important issues which pleases many, a personal vendetta on the Prime Minister is unwarranted at this time when the country is still trying to survive the COVID-19 scare. The Prime Minister and his Government cohorts have vowed to shift from the traditional way of governance of the past regime and start Taking Back PNG starting from the Prime Ministers Office and it is a difficult task. Therefore, no one under no circumstances should use this phrase as a tactic to undermine the good work PMJM is doing elsewhere. Hela has its Governor and other MPs capable of handling this situation. We need PMJM to be concentrating on National matters and not dragged into every little issue up in Hela.

    While I have been a very big supporter of Belden Namah in that he has been very vocal on many issues that compromised the sovereignty of the Country, I have found him to be childish in the way he has been personalizing maters in the recent months. My advise, please go and spend time with your people in the electorate and address the many plights of the people.

  • Someone who cannot manage his own family and backyard cannot manage a nation. Family n society are in chaos. Policemen going around causing chaos should be sacked for law n order to remain.

  • Negative & positive are always there, there would not be any power at all, if they don’t come together, you would only see one side of world, which is not designed in the beginning, originator has put them together therefore what we see in Hela today the WORST part, the BEST is coming soon, lets look at Hela with that perspective, we will see & believe in the positive, that is what Hela will be, Where there is a great vision there provision of prosperity, you will see those little popping up to see those great good things, Kina coin always has two side, always look at the both side of the coin……

  • I wonder why BD so concerned about Hela Province? can you at least talk about rest of the provinces where they are also in such a horrible situation? Please head off to other less priority areas too. Maski Panic ya Namah….

  • I totally agree with the Opposition leader and the call for James Marape to resign is timely. Tari Pori electorate is the most corrupt electorate in terms of law and order problem. To be more realistic the Oniel Government did very well compared to Marape Government in terms of major infrastructures all around the country.

  • Namah will be the worse and short cut man without consequences. His district is undeveloped comparing to Hela. Hela is a newly declared province. Namah, look in to your backyards. You will never be PM one day. You fighting for others and when others win they will squeeze you and dump you. You are no way near to PM JM.

  • Anyone who walks into the supreme court with brainless hooligans armed with Semi-automatic M16 guns is not fit to be a leader. BN have you checked your own backyard recently?

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