Take back PNG through love


WE call ourselves a Christian country but we still have hatred in our communities.
The hatred is evident in the Government and local communities as well.
There is murder, corruption, stealing, ethnic clashes and petty crimes in our cities, towns and villages.
We cannot change this country with such attitude.
Our government is focused on bringing basic services to the people but forget about their spiritual development.
More than half of the population lack spiritual development.
This leads to a lot of social issues.
The slogan of “Take Back PNG” by our good Prime Minister James Marape should be taken seriously, not only in an economic sense but spiritually as well.
Our ancestors lived as true Christians compared to today’s generation that has been negatively influenced by the Western culture.
Take back PNG should start from the churches to bring back all those people who lost their faith and good moral values.
Churches and non-government organisations should be funded to carry out such work.
We cannot change this country unless we have love, the same love that God gave us through Jesus Christ.

Frankie Aros Poros
Buang LLG