Take back Waigani


THE Government should now start focusing on taking back Waigani.
Let us take back where it all starts.
Let us start by sending the corrupt in Waigani to jail or tighten up the Government systems and processes.
We want to own and manage our own natural resources but we fear the continuous systematic robbing of the country covers by Waigani elites.
Corruption is what we fear.
How can we take back PNG, when corrupt Waigani elites are still laughing to the bank and roaming freely?
People will trust and have confidence in their own Government when we see that the Waigani elites are being sent to jails.
Otherwise, we are still dancing with Satan.
Corruption is the worst Satan destroying the fabrics of society.
Corruption is now a profession in PNG, it is spreading like an infection that needs instant cure and medication.
It works like a termite eating everything day and night, it is a malicious cancer deep rooted, posing a danger we only talk and enquire with zero achievement.
On April 29, 2020 Prime Minister James Marape said: “Don’t be cry-babies and pessimist. The world will not end if Porgera closes” and he is right.
Biblical and physically the world will not end but consider what corruption does to the majority of the population is colossal.
Poor medical services, no funding to contain and prevent many tribal fighting and many more have seen deaths that could have been prevented or cured.
Corruption is the main contributing factor that has caused the world to end for many.
Those in the private sectors have no experience in working under Government management.
A transition into a known environment of corruption under the control of Waigani is what they fear.
His motto to take back PNG gave us hope and his response to Covid-19 and now taking a bold stand is what we want of our leader.
But the fear is still there, the fear of corruption and mismanagement and political cronies trying to take their shares of the pie will cripple the operation and less returns to the Government coffers.

Woumanda Wal