Take care of services, infrastructure


BUILDING and maintenance cost a lot of money and time and people should appreciate and use infrastructures properly.
Infrastructure is crucially important to foster countries’ economic development and prosperity.
Investments in infrastructure contributes to higher productivity and growth, facilitates trade and connectivity and promotes economic inclusion.
Papua New Guinea’s major towns and cities are experiencing an unprecedented level of growth in terms of the expansion of the economy and the size of the population.
With these rapid changes come the need to instil in the people a sense of pride and unity.
These are intellectual concepts but they are the key to keeping order and ensuring that people contribute in a positive way to the communities they live in.
We are the ones that will be using the bridges and roads and other infrastructure developments such as banks (ATM) that are taking place in the country.
The public facilities network has always played a crucial role within the urban environment.
Sadly, throughout the years, many people, no matter how educated they are, have shown the no-care attitude towards such public infrastructures which services the whole community.
When there is a misunderstanding and unrest in the community, properties and projects worth thousands of kina are burnt down or destroyed.
Bank South Pacific this week confirmed that three of its ATMs were damaged during the festive season including the one at Lorengau Hospital which was damaged by criminals last Friday in an attempt to steal the cash.
The Lorengau Hospital ATM is one of four BSP ATMs in Lorengau and the destruction caused is irreparable and will cause great inconvenience to the people of Lorengau.
Minor damages were done to ATMs at Wewak and Kiunga during the Christmas and New Year period as well.
Those responsible could be smiling today but their respective community will feel the pinch of their actions.
BSP has advised that the destruction of the ATMs comes only a month after a robbery at BSP’s Kerema sub branch that has resulted in Kerema branch being closed until criminal investigations are completed.
At the same, there was also an attempted robbery at BSP’s sub branch at Hoskins.
Mind you, in all three locations, Kerema, Hoskins and Lorengau, BSP is the only bank that has been willing to provide banking services to these areas despite the cost of operations and, where robberies are involved, it poses high risks to BSP staff. These ATMs and branches belong to everyone and we need to be considerate and do our part not to damage it so others too can enjoy the privilege of using them.
It is disappointing that those responsible have not been taught that public places are not theirs to destroy.
Every city and town on the globe has its own issues to deal with including those in PNG but we should learn to respect our surroundings and the property of others.
Those in authority find no joy in constantly appealing to people to be responsible.
Let us take ownership of what is provided for us to use, be proud of it and look after it so that it will benefit us and others who need these service.