Take over university campus development

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday February 4th, 2014

 I AM satisfied with what John Simon, the MP for Maprik, is doing with his term in parliament by mobilising funds and getting clearance for this multi-million kina project to come to fruition. 

In contrast, it is a shame to  see  some of  the so-called impact projects you initiated come to a halt. 

The Maprik Kakaruk project will be the same as Niugini Tablebirds in Lae. 

Also, if you possess the calibre   of a true leader, then take over the infrastructure development of the Maprik UNRE campus which was initiated by the former MP. 

Politics is over so please do not turn a blind eye to complete this project. 

There will be many spinoff benefits once this university campus is fully operational.

People will be appreciative and remember you for the goodwill gestures that will mean something to them. 

Do  not  let  greed  creep in with awarding of contracts because the silent majority  of  your people are watching and they will only  speak  through the ballot in the next three- and- a- half years.

Do not make the same mistake like where the infamous name Kitchen Cabinet was conceived from.

Clive Sani