Take ownership of resources


IT is time we South Fly people know how valuable our resources are and their demands from the overseas markets.
Come on South Fly, we have been ruled, robbed, mistreated and looked down on because outsiders are taking control of our resources.
Let 2020 be a year of personal development.
I am advising you all Western people to stand with me and fight to tackle this issue.
Daru has been a dump for a long time.
Drugs are smuggled in Daru and the town is populated with mentally affected young men and women.
Let’s rise and bring back Daru.
Can we all cooperate to fight corruption in Daru?
There are many people from other provinces who are operating in Daru with fish buyers licence with different storage unit and others are using fake licence.
The National Fisheries Authority should establish an office here to check unlicensed and fake licence holders.


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