Take tough stance on discipline

Letters, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 22nd, 2013

 I WAS surprised to learn that East Sepik Governor, Sir Michael Somare, had lashed out at his provincial government officers for lack of attendance and punctuality. 

This tells me that there is a lack of control from the top down, and in this case, the chief himself must shoulder some of the blame as head of the provincial government.

Sir Michael and his provincial administrator should be ashamed that there is lack of punctuality and attendance from their staff.

This should remind them to start taking tough disciplinary action on staff who cannot perform to expectations and are getting paid for doing less, or nothing at all. 

These staff are obstacles to service delivery for the province and the whole lot should be replaced without hesitation after Sir Michael witnessed it himself first hand. 


Wanbel Niape

Port Moresby