Takiseng calls on Pangu Pati leaders to let Basil do his job


Deputy PNG Party president Khay Takiseng has called on executives of Pangu Pati to let party leader Sam Basil concentrate on his job.
Khay Takiseng, who was also a former coordinator of Pangu, called on executives and party council to stop interfering with Basil and let him manage the party the way he wants to.
He said there have been a lot of interference from party council members and some provincial executives leading into election this year.
Takiseng said some executives had become an obstacle to Basil after the election.
“They must stop,” he said.
“Fighting is not good.”
Takiseng, the former Pangu coordinator from 2015 to early last year, also welcomed the party joining Government.
He said Pangu supporters did not want to see the party languishing in Opposition.

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