Talita: Please maintain peace

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The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013


THE people of Enga have been urged not to cause any problems or take the law into their hands as the election petition between Sandy Talita and Governor Peter Ipatas is yet to be finalised.

Petitioner Sandy Talita said in Mt Hagen the matter was before the court, which would determine the outcome.

He said in the meantime the road from Wapenamanda to Wabag would not be disturbed as he was from that electorate.

He said the same would happen when people from Wapenamanda travelled to Wabag.

“Ipatas and I are leaders so we do not want any of you to take this matter and act beyond our control,” he said.

“Maintain peace at all times.

“That goes to Ipatas’ and my supporters. 

“We are not encouraging you to use the case to do anything.” 

Talita said cooperating and allowing the law to take its course would end problems in a peaceful way.

Talita said what he and Ipatas were doing was for the good of the people and the province.

“I, as your leader, am appealing for peace at this time when the case is before the court,” he said.

“I know you will behave but it would be better if we take extra care and the court case ends in a very peaceful way.” 

Talita said Engans had to take ownership of everything and maintain peace as he was exercising his freedom to challenge Ipatas’ election win in court.

“But that does not mean that people have to go and create problems here and there,” he said.

“I want us to maintain peace at this time and be law-abiding citizens.

“We must know that what we do will always paint a picture of our province and the people,” he said.