Talks to be held with banks for more branches


TREASURER Ian Ling-Stuckey told Parliament yesterday that he will talk to banks about opening more branches in Lae.
Nawaeb MP Kennedy Wenge asked the Government to “build more banks in Lae” to address the people’s demand.
“Lae is an industrial city that serves the Mamose, Highlands and New Guinea Islands,” the Treasurer said.
“People flock in from these provinces in this regions to do business and the banks are often overcrowded.
“People in the rural areas arrive in the city as early as 4am and have to do their business and banking transactions,” he said.
Wenge said parents were at banks to deposit school fees and the services were “very slow”.
He said there were not enough banks or branches in Lae to cater for the population.
“Are you able to ask the banks to open up more branches at Eriku and Bumayong to make it easier to meet the demand?” Wenge asked.
“We the local MPs of Morobe are supportive of this idea to have more banks to serve our people.”
Ling-Stuckey said Treasury had taken note of his concern because it was that time of the year for school fees and banks were always filled to capacity.
“It is that time of the year when banks are expected to be full with long queues because of school fees, but this problem should ease soon,” he said.
“Treasury has an oversight of all banking institutions and I am only happy to take note of his concerns.
“Whenever I meet with the representatives of the banks, I will raise this matter with them.”


  • Simbu,
    Mepla laikim Additional ATM Machines. Proposed sites (1)-SJNM Kundiawa General Hospital, (2)-TNA Suppermarket and (3)- KONDUM AGAUNDO BUILDING Simbu Provincial Government Building Complex. Kina Bank should consider setting up a Branch or Agent in Kundiawa, food for taught

  • Open more branches, so they can get more from customers with their fees charged. We hardly see any interests from them. Day light robbers.

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