Tamanabae wants new beginning

Normal, Papua

The National- Monday, January 17, 2011


“Like a caterpillar from a cocoon, we have gone through a process of metamorphosis since cyclone Guba, and in the New Year  and beyond, it is our time to fly like a butterfly with beautiful colours.

Northern Governor Pastor Suckling Tamanabae made these remarks when giving his New Year address at a packed Dr Doroin Park in Popondetta two weeks ago.

“Through our struggles after cyclone Guba, we are making a breakthrough. 

“It is now time for Oro as a people and a province to rise and move forward into the future,” Tamanabae declared.

He said a significant indication of was the K410 million blanket cover grant that the national government had handed down for the five-year development plan to recover and build a new Northern. 

“This is the first time the national government has approved this kind of funding in the budget for Oro. 

“As the Governor, I am grateful that together with my administration we did not rely on the Northern Province Restoration Authority (NPRA) to do all the work but we went out looking for ways to bring development. 

“In the last three years we formed NPRA to bring recovery but I wasn’t satisfied and pleased with its outcome, so I took the responsibility with my team to develop a five-year recovery plan.

“The national government is assisting in the recovery process for the province within K39 million for provincial improvement programme (PIP), K20 million for recovery, K10 million for health, K2 million for police and another K2 million for agriculture.

“Using the butterfly’s life as an example of the process, we have now secured K410 million, and it’s time to fly,” Tamanabae said.

He added that the national government had also secured over K100 million for the Divuni hydro which is one of the major projects in Northern. 

On New Year’s Day  the governor presented K20,000 worth of cocoa  and two rice machines to Kokoda, Higaturu, Tufi, Oro Bay and Ioma districts.

“The K20,000 is the first part of a K100,000 commitment on cocoa for Kokoda and the other four districts, while the rest of the LLGs will receive their portion in the next presentation,” he said.

Tamanabae also donated K500 and made feasts for each singsing and dance group from the various districts that attended the New Year celebrations.

He urged all public servants  to start the New Year with a new vision and new perspective to achieve.