Tambul High School to set up computer lab

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 14th May 2013

 TAMBUL High School in Western Highlands is expected to have a computer laboratory as part of its preparation to attain secondary school status next year.

Headmaster James Pini said they would install 45 computers for use by students.

Pini told The National that he was working hard to ensure that the high school was well-equipped for the first intake of Grade 11 students next year.

He said the computer class would come under the school’s learning improvement programme.

“The computer is very important in learning because times are changing,” he said.

“Students have a right to learn computing and other related courses and this is a must in education.”

He hailed the government’s free education policy, which had helped the school to buy the computers.

“If the free education policy funds were not released then we would not afford to buy computers and meet other needs,” he said.