Tammur trusts new board will give tourism a boost


Tourism Arts and Culture Minister Emil Tammur says the new board of directors of the PNG Tourism Promotion has a lot of experience and knowledge to deliberate and deliver on tourism matters.
The new board convened its first meeting yesterday under the leadership of Nawae MP Kennedy Wenge as chairman.
In an introductory meeting with new board members, Tammur stressed the importance of the tourism industry, and reaffirmed Government’s support for the industry.
“We have well-experienced local tour operators, leaders and organisers of major cultural shows, project architects, designers and implementers, financial managers, experienced airline executives, and well-experienced and seasoned public servants,” he said.
“Each of you represents a specific sector or sub-sector of the industry.
“I know you will represent the people well in your contributions and deliberations on matters of importance during your deliberations on the TPA board.”
Tammur said the Government had seen their strengths and believed the new board members had the “necessary experience and the merits to be on the board to support and guide TPA deliver on its mandates”.
“Tourism is now the focus of this Government,” he said.
“You are now in the position to influence and drive the growth of the tourism industry.
“The performance of TPA reflects on the quality of the board and its directions.
“Each of you has that rare opportunity to make your mark in the development of tourism industry in the country, with your vision and direction to lead the tourism industry forward.
“I am totally confident that you won’t let me down.
“I can assure you that I will do my very best to be your voice and the voice of the industry in Parliament.”
Tammur also commended staff and management of TPA for the professionalism and high work ethics displayed since taking office in Jan 2018.
“We have achieved a lot within the last 18 months,” he said.
“I want this trend to continue.”

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