Tanis continues talks on disposing weapons

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AUTONOMOUS Region of Bougainville President James Tanis is continuing talks with leaders of the various factions about disposing of weapons.
Mr Tanis admitted that not all weapons in the possession of people had been handed over to the authorities.
While this is a huge task, the president is confident the Autonomous Bougainville Government will achieve its goal to rid the region of weapons in preparation for referendum and independence.
Mr Tanis said the Government was still talking to leaders and all other citizens of Bougainville about the weapons disposal programme.
He said all faction leaders had assured him of a trouble-free election, where people and election officials would be allowed to pass through the roadblock at Morgan junction.
Mr Tanis said continuity was important to the region and urged the people to give him a full five-year term to realise their dreams.
He said he had adopted a similar campaign tactic as in the 2008 presidential by-election which he won convincingly from 14 other candidates.
He said he would concentrate on improving the economic sector of the region together with other sectors like health, education, fisheries, forestry, communication and road and transport infrastructure. 
Mr Tanis challenged Bougainvilleans to vote for him if they were serious about real development and prosperity.