Tap water reaches Dongbil

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 16th April 2013

 THREE hundred villagers of rural Dongbil village in Tifalmin, Telefomin, now have tap water at their doorsteps, saving them a walk of almost a kilometre up the  hills everyday to fetch water for drinking and cooking. 

The water supply project launched last Saturday was constructed by Highlands Pacific at a cost of K20,000.

The equipment used was transported from Port Moresby to Tabubil and air-lifted to Tifalmin.

Highlands Pacific community affairs co-ordinator Isaac Suafia said the project would strengthen the company’s good  working relationship  with the  landowners and  improve their living standards.

“It is a very significant project delivered to the people of Dongbil,” he said.

“The  water supply is  from the  small reservoir built 1250m from the  village and  is  high up  in the  mountains.

“The project will also benefit some people  from villages  such as Fiamok and Busulmin in the Yapsie rural LLG who often come  to Tifalmin  and Tabubil or Telefomin.

“Previously, people walked a kilometre up and  down  the mountains  to the creek to  fetch water and wash  and do laundry. But the creeks do not   provide  good and  natural  taste often  dries  up during long periods of dry season.”

He said the project was opened by project geologist Libas Ulaiwi.