Taps run dry at 20 PNGDF houses

National, Normal


Twenty PNGDF houses in Tokarara are disconnected of  water supply by Eda Ranu for failing to settle K4.6 million in outstanding bills since July last year.
Water supply to the Defence staff was severed on Jan 5.
 “It is so unfair for Eda Ranu to disconnect our water supply.
“They did not do the same to the other six Defence establishments, (Murray, Taurama, Kiki Barracks, Basilisk (Lancron), Korobosea Flats and Gordons Flats).
“All seven Defence establishments come under the same bill,” a concerned Defence staff, who requested anonymity said.
He told The National on Tuesday that the Tokarara families were being made to suffer.
Defence Secretary, Fred Punangi resides in the area,  it is not clear if his residences has also affected.
It was also reported that on Oct 20, 2008, the Department of Defence, Office of the Secretary, wrote a letter to Eda Ranu requesting for individual meter reading for the 20 houses, which had meters installed in them.
However, the request was not entertained.
 “If Eda Ranu had complied with the then acting secretary for Defence’s letter, we would not be facing this problem today,” the Defence personnel said.