Taraka youths want change


YOUTHS in one of Lae’s most notorious suburbs are supporting authorities in addressing law and order issues.
The West Taraka youths started a week-long crusade to inform the government, civil societies and the private sector companies that they were sorry for all the bad things they had caused over the years and wanted a change.
Chairman of the West Taraka Independence celebration committee Wallie Ottie said they called on the authorities to build a police station at Taraka.
Ottie said there were many good things the private sector and the government were trying to do but criminal activities were hindering progress.
The youths will be involved in a crime prevention programme to help police make sure the place was crime free.
They called on Governor Ginson Saonu and Lae MP John Rosso to initiate programmes which they could be part of.
Marketer and distrbutor of consumer products Panamex Pacific Limited and Zulu Scientific were the major sponsors of the crusade and supported with food supplies.

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