Target in sight as boat shop cruises in


ELA Motors and Samarai Plastics has officially opened its Yamaha boat factory in Lae even though it has been building boats for nearly a year.
The factory replaced the factory which burnt down in Alotau in 2016.
The new factory had been building boats since July 24 last year.
The demand was rising and the factory was almost hitting its monthly target of 100 units a month, said Tatsuya Fukamachi, Yamaha Motor’s general manager, area market division overseas market development operations.
“Yamaha are very happy to hear about the great recovery from the fire. Also the boats produced in the factory have met the latest criteria required by Small Craft Act (SCA) which was implemented in January 2017. This way we can deliver safer boats to our customers in Papua New Guinea,” he said.
“I believe that it was a tough challenge and a long journey for Ela Motors and Samarai Plastics to shift the production line from Alotau to here in Lae.”
He said PNG belongs to the Oceania group which he oversees and is handled by the overseas market development operations business unit where they promote marketing activities closely with the local communities.
Fukamachi added that each country has a distributor who works closely with Yamaha to select the most suitable products, while providing after sales service.

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