Tari under curfew as police target criminals


HELA police have slapped a 7pm-to 6am curfew in Tari to try to reduce crime in the town.
Hela commander Chief Superintendent Martin Lakari  said yesterday that anyone who moved around tonight would be arrested and locked up.
Lakari said police and Defence Force would be patrolling the town in the night.
He said those who were sick and going to the hospital would be properly checked.
Lakari said that many criminal activities took place in the town at night.
He was speaking after armed criminals broke into the Curtain Brothers base at Tari Airport on Tuesday night and stole building and road construction materials.
Lakari said criminals broke into the company’s yard at about 11pm but police intervened and gunshots were exchanged.
He said the shootings lasted an hour, resulting in one suspect seriously injured on the left leg an admitted to Tari hospital.
He said that none of his policemen were injured but several criminals received bullet wounds but still managed to escape.
He said the criminals regrouped and returned to the yard the same night and set fire to construction material in three 40-foot containers.
Lakari said this time police were outnumbered.
He said it was the fourth time this year that Curtain Brothers’ yard was broken into.