Tarutia’s words of wisdom for port managers

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Nasfund’s joint chief executive officer Ian Tarutia has challenged the PNG Ports managers to align their individual mindsets with the organisation’s visions and goals to attain its objective of becoming the premier marine service provider in PNG.
Mr Tarutia told the managers and PNGPCL senior executives at their conference last week that change was about attitude and attitude was about change in the person.
He said that a poor attitude was self-defeating and eventually destructive for the organisation.
Mr Tarutia was speaking at the second annual PNGPCL’s port mangers’ conference with the theme ‘Managing change’ held at Hideaway Hotel in Port Moresby.
He told the participants that the theme of the conference was a timely and appropriate reminder of what was needed to make the organisation progress and deliver as per its charter, improve the communities in which they live and work in and ultimately to contribute to the prosperity of this nation.
Mr Tarutia said that change was about doing the simple things honestly, with empathy and due regard for the organisation’s corporate objectives.
“If we, as individuals, do not change our attitude positively, the noble intents that are printed onto paper, websites or formal board submissions’ including the elaborate corporate plans are meaningless,” he said.
“Attitudinal change is not a process just for board members or management.
“It is a process that must be embraced by everyone, from the board chairman to the CEO to the cleaner.”
Mr Tarutia added that for the organisation to be successful in achieving its goals, it must have individual mindsets of its workers aligned with the employer’s objectives.
He said this attitude change must trickle down to junior officers so everyone’s thinking and mindsets would be one in alignment towards achieving the organisation’s objectives.