Tarutia: Be agents of change

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The National, Wednesday 1st May 2013


NASFUND chief executive officer Ian Tarutia has encouraged university graduates to become agents of change for the country.

He was speaking during the UPNG Masters in Business Administration Alumni Association launching last Friday in Port Moresby.

“Investment in knowledge always pays the best interests – it’s not just super funds,” Tarutia said.

He said if people used knowledge wisely, the returns were bound to be fruitful, both personally and professionally.

He told more than 100 professionals, executives and MPs that if no one used knowledge to create change, then their admission to do the Masters of Business Administration programme was a “waste of time and space”.

“Everyone in here and specifically alumni members are classical examples of this successful return in investment in knowledge,” he said.

Tarutia heads PNG’s biggest and most successful superfund which has bounced back from near bankruptcy.

“If none of what I expected earlier applies to the members of the UPNG masters in business administration alumni, then I don’t know what the heck you’ve been doing at UPNG in the first place.

“I will be questioning the MBA convener and the dean of the school of business administration why they are admitting candidates who would compromise the aspiration of the programme to deliver positive change for PNG,” he said.

Tarutia acknowledged that the growing number of graduates reflected the support and understanding from family and loved ones.

He said the masters programme involved studying after official working hours and demanded a lot of sacrifice.