Tarutia wants all workers a chance to get super


EVERYONE should be allowed to contribute to superannuation and the government ought to pass legislation to allow for that, says Nasfund chief executive Ian Tarutia.
Tarutia, pictured, raised the point during the Nasfund employers’ conference that was held this week with a record attendance.
“We need to increase the coverage, the number of people that are contributing,” he said.
“One of the issues that we discuss at industry level is looking at our legislative framework.
“Remove the filter which currently requires any employer with 15 or more people to make compulsory contributions.
“We should remove that filter. Anyone who is earning some form of income and perhaps pays tax to the Internal Revenue Commission, should be contributing to their superannuation.”
Tarutia said superannuation in the Pacific was universal with a more-proportional ratio of the population contribution as compared to Papua New Guinea.
He noted growth in Nasfund’s operation indicators, especially in terms of member numbers.
“We saw continued growth in our membership, in the employer base and in the contribution receipts that represent the savings of members,” Tarutia said.
“This tells us that there is a mind-shift, that our members are becoming more in-tune and aware of the benefits Nasfund provides as a vehicle for long-term savings.”
Tarutia commended Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel on his comments that “government was keen on improving the economic situation for the private sector”.
“Treasurer and Deputy Prime Minister, I am pleased that you acknowledged that it’s a partnership,” he said.
“The government’s role is to provide public policy and framework so the private sector can grow and create opportunities.”