Tasion: Arrest perpetrators


LOCAL investor Sam Tasion wants authorities to investigate perpetrators trying “to sabotage” his company’s contract in Manus.
The Tasion Group was recently given a short-term contract to provide security at the Manus detention facility after former security provider, Paladin’s contract was terminated.
Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) chief migration officer Solomon Kantha had told The National that Paladin’s contract was cancelled in compliance with the Government’s directive to close the Manus detention facility.
“We have a new local service provider, Tasion Group and this is only a temporary arrangement to look after and protect the assets,” Kantha said.
This week police reported a commotion caused by locals at Lorengau which led to the Manus police commander Chief Insp David Yapu being assaulted and his reading glass damaged.
Yapu said the incident was in relation to the awarding of the security contract to Tasion Group.
Tasion said: “I signed a contract and I am working with the landowners from Konohaleng, Loniu and Posopon.
“We also invite our brothers from Peren to join.
“We are not here to divide our people.”
Tasion said the model adopted would unite people and put food on the table for them.
“We also intend to grow our landowner groups into SMEs (small-medium enterprises).
“I would not send my submission in the first place if I didn’t have the financial capacity.”
He said Tasion Group has assets valued at over K50 million in Manus.
“We are a proud Manus company.
“We did not sneak in the back to steal from our people.
“We have conducted business in Manus since 2012 and we continue to provide jobs for our people and work with communities.
“It is not easy working with people but my company is willing to go the distance in making sure we achieve something tangible for our people,” Taison said.
He called on individuals who continue to block the gate to ELRTC (East Lorengau Refugee Transit Centre) to show their land certificate as the legitimate landowners.
“The copy I have on the ownership of ELRTC is State land.
“However, we understand your customary rights but a commercial arrangement does not warrant your actions.
“I will be getting my lawyers to assist on litigation issues pertaining to individuals obstructing my business on ELRTC.
“Do not use politics to try to sabotage this contract.
“Members of parliament cannot be using politics to interfere in a commercial contract.
“Leaders do not cancel contracts and award them.
“Leaders debate in parliament over policies and enact them into law. We must ensure our public service is managed independently and without interference.
“My contract is not in Australian dollars or in abundance as what previous contractor were getting paid. It’s in PGK and I am happy to share. Tasion Group is not foreign owned,” Taison said.
We are proud to be Manusian and will continue to grow and provide jobs and business partnerships for our people.”