Task force gets hands dirty to clean up for Apec


THE public in Port Moresby street especially street vendors have been urged to maintain cleanliness in the city as it plays host to lead-up events of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders meeting in November.
Joint Security Taskforce Unit commander Chief Sergeant Michael Tibam told The National that as part of preparations towards the actual Apec summit and the lead up events towards it, they have formed a team to do awareness about cleanliness in the city.
“The team is made up of the members of the Royal PNG Constabulary dog unit, Central police personnel, the Correctional Services, and members of the National Capital District Commission reserve police,” he said.
Tibam said they began the operation on Feb 13 by going around doing awareness, speaking to the public for two weeks on the importance of keeping the place clean to welcome the visitors that would be attending the lead-up events to Apec and Apec itself .
He added that there were some improvements around the areas where awareness was conducted two weeks ago around bus stops and road sides but not all areas were cleared of rubbish.
Tibam said for example, parts of Erima and under the Kumul fly over was still filthy
“While we appreciate that majority of street vendors are responding positively to our campaign, few ignorant sellers are not listening and continue to sell their goods. Their actions are creating opportunities for others to join them and create rubbish and littering in the areas,” he said.
Tibam urged all city residents, street vendors, and workers accessing street markets, visitors and the general public to respect the efforts of the awareness team and maintain cleanliness.
He said many international officials were already in Port Moresby attending senior officials meetings using the city roads and everyone needed to keep the streets and roadsides free from rubbish.
“Littering or throwing rubbish without thinking is a disgraceful conduct and everyone must change their attitudes in managing their own disposals,” he said.
“Nobody from space or outside came here and littered Port Moresby; it is our doing so we must clean the places we use and maintain them that way all the time.”
Tibam said the operation would be ongoing even after Apec to the end of the year.

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