Task force to drive NRL competition

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THE National Motor Vehicle Insurance (MVIL) yesterday launched a special task force who will be the driving force behind its NRL driver competition around the country beginning this month.
The official name for the team is “code red” road safety task force and comprises of 20 elite staff from MVIL specifically chosen to enforce the rules of the competition.
The team has been equipped with radar guns and breathalysers to detect PMV drivers who drink and drive, and speed.
Managing director John Mua said the exercise was part of an ongoing effort in addressing road safety problems in the country.
“This is the first time in the history of national road safety that equipment like radar guns and breathalysers introduced.
“The equipment will be at the disposal of the team to use purposely as part of the competition drive to detect PMV drivers, who drink and drive, and speed when on the roads,” Mr Mua said.
He said many PMV drivers did not comply with traffic laws and did not care about road safety rules.
“We hope that through the competition, we will get them into the culture of not speeding, overloading or drinking while driving,” he added.
A total pf 4,000 PMV drivers nationwide have registered for the competition which was launched last year.
Registration for competition closes on March 19.
“Everyone who has registered will be given a fair go but only 50 winners will be selected to go and watch the NRL grand final in Australia,” Mr Mua said.
The task force has been divided into four groups and will be covering the four regions.
PMV drivers who have successfully registered, have been asked to comply with members of the task force during the exercise.