Tatana get K20,000 volleyball funding

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NATIONAL Capital District  Sports Association chairman Billy Aki presented K2,000 to Tatana Volleyball Association on Saturday for their New Year Sports celebration.
Aki said the presentation was part of the K20,000 earmarked for the various suburbs and also settlements sports activities during the New Year.
He said the K20,000 was not part of the Governor’s Cup rugby league competition held during the Christmas period but a different funding for New Year’s sports activities.
Aki commended National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop of such initiative to get the unemployed youths busy during the festive break instead of resorting to illegal activities such as drugs and alcohol.
He added that Tatana village was the first to receive the funding while other suburbs and settlement sports would receive their funding as  January marches on.
Tatana Volleyball Association president George Daere thanked Aki and Parkop for the initiative in funding the grassroots sporting activities during Christmas and New Year period.
Daere admitted that this was first time such funding from NCD had filtered down to the village-based sporting activities.
TVA have not staged any sporting activities during the New Year but will do after receiving K2,000 from NCD Sports Association.