Taureka to chair CEOs’ conference

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Apec Minister Justin Tkatchenko handed over the gavel (small ceremonial mallet) he received in Da Nang, Vietnam, on behalf of chairman of the chief executive officers’ conference for the Apec summit next year.
Tkatchenko, who received the gavel from Vietnam’s chairman of the CEOs’ conference, handed it over to Apec Business Advisory Council member Isikeli Taureka on Friday.
He said Taureka was going to be the chairman of the conference for the Apec CEOs’ summit in Port Moresby next year.
Taureka will chair the meeting of all the CEOs from all the leading firms from around the world.
“This is a massive event for the promotion of business and economies of all the countries, especially ours,” Tkatchenko said.
“For all the CEOs of all the big companies to be here just like how they were in Da Nang, Vietnam, is going to be something very special, and hopefully an eye opener for those companies to increase their investment if they are already here or for companies to start a new business here.”
The CEOs’ summit will be held in one of the biggest cruise liners.
Council chairman Wayne Golding said it (the presentation of the gavel) was symbolic in the business sector.
“This is the symbol that PNG, here is your chance now to hold it in 2018,” Golding said.
“So it’s a wonderful symbol and we will do an excellent job, I guarantee you.”