Tax hike, a terrible New Year’s gift from the government


THE huge increase in income tax announced recently is indeed a slap on the face and an insulting new year gift by Government to the already financially burdened and overstressed working citizens of PNG.
Given the current worsening financial situation where general cost of daily living is very expensive and unbearable, no right thinking Government would impose such unreasonably huge tax burden on its people, especially the working people both in public and private sectors residing in urban centres.
Currently, most of the working citizens are literally living in settlements struggling to put a decent meal on the table daily with the little residual take-home monies.
Reality is no rainy day savings and a hand-to-mouth life year-around for the working people in Papua New Guinea.
This increase in income tax is nothing more than premeditated legal robbing and killing of the working citizens of this young resource-rich country by the Government.
Such short-sighted policies and legislations in essence encourages systematic and endemic corruption in the public service machinery.
The notion of “higher you earn, higher you pay income tax” must be looked at again to encourage and empower our citizens to aim higher to be productive and innovative with high ethical, moral and professional standards for a better PNG.
Why prey on the loyal and faithful income tax-paying citizens?
The primary role of the Government should not be to systematically suppress, violate and make lives of its citizens difficult, unbearable and miserable.
Instead, it should empower and make lives of its citizen more convenient and enjoyable.
This is by ensuring essential goods and services are accessible and affordable, in a sustainable manner possibly aimed at improving the general standard of living that safeguards human dignity.
History has shown that when political leaders and elite continue to make lives of their people unbearable, miserable and push further to the brick wall, people will have no other options but turn around and bite.
It could be a well-calculated plot by those leaders and technocrats responsible for formulating the national budgets to overthrow the legitimate Government through inciting protests, civil unrests and anarchy.
Therefore, before it is too late, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill should intervene immediately and rescind the decision or shelve implementation of income tax increases this year.

Struggling Income Tax payer
Yalipa Ipa

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