Tax hike affecting small businesses, says Tai


The increase in tax is affecting small business owners who are trying to earn a living, Kula Fried Lambflaps owner Sinai Tai says.
Tai, who operates at Five-Mile in Port Moresby, said when the Government increased tax on goods and services, shops and business houses increased the prices of goods, which forced small businesses to also increase their prices.
“The Government increasing tax is killing us small business owners who are trying to earn a living,” he said.
“We are also considerate of the increase in the prices of goods and services, therefore, mark up prices of what we are selling.”
Tai said the money earned was carefully budgeted to take care of household necessities, water and electricity bills.
Customer Anslom Nakikus said he preferred Kula Fried Lambflaps because of the quality and quantity.
“His concept of the lamb flaps business is totally different to a restaurant. One can tell that Tai has a passion for cooking,” he said.
“He is cautious of his surroundings. The neighbourhood is safe.
“You will find rugby league players like Nene Macdonald with his team members, and local artists like B-Rad here.”
Tai said he started his lamb flaps business in 2005 and his customer base on a daily basis was usually 80 and just over 100 during peak periods.
“Customers come from as far as Gerehu and down town,” he said.
“The peak period is from 11.30am to 3pm.”
He sells a combo pack of lamb flaps, kaukau, lettuce, lemon or cucumber for K8, K10 and K12, depending on the size of the meat.
“I buy the meat in shops where prices are low, while kaukau, lettuce, lemon and cucumber are bought at the markets,” Tai said.
He said he understood the struggles of small businesses as well as well as local farmers and producers were facing.
Tai buys equally from mothers selling kaukau, lettuce, lemon or cucumbers at markets like Boroko or Gordon.
“In my own little way, I am also helping them,” he said.
Tai said he started his business with a start-up capital of K250 from selling buai and has grown from there.