Tax is now country’s worst enemy

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday 14th of February, 2014

WITH the current economical imbalance, high accommodation, fuel costs and inflation, the government’s tax has become a huge burden for the people.
The private sector is left to work extra hard and dig deeper  into their pockets to survive.
This is like stealing from  the poor and giving it to the rich.
The harder we work, the heavier the punishment.
The government should listen to the people.
The private sector is being bullied around.
I for one do not understand the mathematical formula that the government uses  to tax the people.
I get taxed for wages earned in the last two weeks or so, 
Then I go to shops, only to find out I have been taxed again (10%) for goods and services.
This  leaves  me  with  little for the next two weeks.
I work hard and I get taxed  an  additional (35%) for the overtime or bonus.
I might as well just go out on the streets and earn an untaxed income, known  as  informal sector – prostitution, drugs, buai and street selling.
I am being encouraged to do this and yet I again get punished.
Man handled by the police and the city rangers, this makes me wonder  if  they  are  getting paid better.

Rodney Patterson
Port Moresby