Tax, levy unfair to BSP, Digicel


It is truly unfortunate to see unfair treatment given to the country’s biggest commercial bank (BSP Financial Group Ltd) in relation to new taxing and levy components imposed by the Government by way of revenue collections to support the 2022 National Government Budget.
Taxing system is good, but the way the treatment given to “our bank” is truly unfair.
If that is the case, then I believe the 2022 budget is only funded through taxing and levy revenue collections from two companies (BSP Financial Group Ltd & Digicel).
What about other commercial banks and companies?
Other big companies are enjoying tax holiday schemes for years not paying a single toea in tax and levies to Government while making millions. Where is the fairness in this economic outlook?
If this tax law only applies to companies making millions, then apply to all companies making millions in the country.
Legal and economic experts will agree with me and conclude that this is a new tax and levy law is only for millionaires and wealthy people.
It is double-dipping into the pockets of BSP and Digicel shareholders, customers and the bank and customers.

Christopher W Taweg