Taxes may rise during economic boom

Letters, Normal

THE working class and ordinary Papua New Guinean should prepare themselves today for the possibility of the Government raising taxes next year.
I have no doubt business houses and corporations, including the Government, will say “it is unfortunate but these increases must be passed on to the consumers”.
This, in itself, is not new.
Port Moresby today is seeing the positive effects of changes but, along with these changes, comes a natural flow-on effect where value is added.
Our people must embrace current changes taking place now so as not to be left out in the dark.
Here are some ideas on how to prepare yourself for next year and beyond – by working harder, you have added value to your knowledge, experience and value.
Look at your income today, your hourly rate and ask yourself “will my salary increase because taxes and cost of living have increase”, and “is my hourly rate today enough to cater for today or am I already living with a salary that only lasts three days?”
You can also change your mindset today to earn additional income by working full-time to support your day-to-day expenses and working part-time to make some profit.
This is the perfect time to be honest with yourself.
Make a commitment to rise above the challenges rather than become a victim of economic changes; know the difference between being a worker in the economy and being part of the economy so you can tap into some of the billions of kina that this economic boom will create.
I share these thoughts with you to remind you that the difference between a wealthy person and a poor person is how well one uses his brain.


The wind of change
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