TB and HIV very different


YOUR article about TB and HIV contained a couple of fundamental errors which probably reflects the lack of understanding by the reporter.
Firstly, HIV and TB do not have similar symptoms.
HIV is the stage when infected individuals are completely well.
Most HIV positive individuals probably are unaware of their infection.
That is when they are at the highest risk of spreading the infection to their sexual partners. When someone with HIV virus becomes unwell with unusual or recurrent infections they most likely to have progressed to AIDS.
Secondly, TB typically is when someone infected with the TB germ is becoming unwell.
They are at risk of spreading the infection. A TB carrier or latent TB infection can never spread the infection.
The two diseases also have very different modes of transmission. TB is spread through cough and not by sexual intercourse.
HIV is transmitted largely through sex.
A minority of cases is transmitted during pregnancy and childbirth. There is no current theory of HIV virus being possibly spread by cough or respiratory droplets.
AIDS increases your risk of developing TB if you become infected with TB germ.
This is their only close relationship.

Dr. Kindin Ongugo
Physician, Kimbe