Tea boy makes an honest living

Letters, Normal

I AM ashamed to read a letter from “Dr Lagaip” in The National (Sept 15).
Is the writer the political assistant of MP Andrew Kumbakor?
The writer shows no respect for other “simple” citizens who are struggling to make ends meet.
By the way, the BSP “tea boy” or “bank teller” has the right to speak out.
We may not be in the same class as this doctor but at least we are making an honest living as “tea boys” to support our family even though we are struggling.
We may not have the “Dr” title but we have a conscience.
We do not need such mentality, like the writer’s.
One fact remains, the highly educated Papua New Guineans are killing the progress of PNG.
Please give us a break.
There are too many theories driving this country backward.
Come out with something practical.

Port Moresby