Teach and make disciples of Christ, graduates told

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By ABIGAIL APINA UPNG Journalism student

THREE hundred and seven students graduated with flying colours at OLSH Kabaleo Teacher’s College in Kokopo last week.
Last Thursday, the graduation started peacefully with a graduation mass led by Bishop John Doani Noel.
Based on the theme “Go teach and make disciples of Christ”, he encouraged them to be good disciples of Christ through teaching despite the different situations and challenges that were ahead of them.
The institution enrolled 562 students this year, 246 were males while 316 were females.
The school’s principal, Kubod Laien, expressed his satisfaction on the number of female graduates saying that he was happy many females enrolled this year.
According to Mr Laien, discipline was a big concern in Kabaleo, which needed improvement.
Mr Laien told the graduates parents that despite lack of dormitories, teaching resources and water pumps, he hoped that the quality offered by the school will be of great benefit in their profession.
Through the school’s governing council, they managed to make ends meet to ensure the students received quality education.
“It is the heart and love to ensure someone learns at the end of the day, I trust that you will make good and quality teachers when you leave Kabaleo,” Mr Laien said.
He also announced that the institution was looking at providing elementary teaching programme commencing 2011 to make certain children at the age of six get educated by well-trained teachers as it was their right to
quality education.
East New Britain provincial Education Minister, Boniface Setavo, who was the main guest of honour,
encouraged the graduates to fully use their potential to enhance their talent.       
“You have the knowledge but unless you make use of your mental skills and potential, you will share your knowledge with those who need it,” he told them.
Mr Setavo urged them to take courage to reach the end of their journey and to have a vision and a mission.
He further encouraged them to avoid corruption since it was very strong in educational institutions.
He acknowledged teachers in the province for implementing the educational curriculum and the Catholic
church for their enormous contribution into education.