Teach students ethical values, says doctor


THERE is a lack of extra-curricular life-changing and enhancing moral values taught in education institutions, says Dr James Naipao. “Moral and ethical values should be embedded into the education system as students progress from primary to tertiary education,” the president of the National Doctors Association said. Dr Naipao was commenting on the reports of harassment and intimidation of University of PNG female students on campus. The students held a peaceful protest on Tuesday, demanding better safety and security measures. Dr Naipao said more work was needed to be done to remedy the problem. “Women are equal partners in human, social, job, economic, political and spiritual development and men must not feel vulnerable when women rise,” he said. “The country will be healthy and prosperous when women become equal participants in (national development).” He said the formal education system needed the teaching of moral values in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

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