Teacher calls it a day after 42 years

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THE Government has failed to reward teachers who have served with distinction and commitment in educating the future generation.
Former Eastern Highlands provincial education adviser Peter Hoyato said this at a farewell gathering for West Goroka, head teacher Robert Reupana, who has retired after 42 years of dedicated service to the Education Department.
“We work very hard but when one of us (teachers) die or retire, we go with nothing,” Mr Hoyato said.
He suggested a teachers housing scheme must be a compulsory part of their retrenchment package.
“Teachers are the largest workforce in the public sector who are often left high and dry when they resign or retire after long years of service,” Mr Hoyato said.
He called on the Teaching Services Commission, PNG Teachers Association (PNGTA) and Education Department to re-negotiate the terms and condition of employment of teachers and their retirement packages.
Mr Reupana had spent the past nine years at West Goroka Primary School as head teacher.
Two cows, two pigs, a live goat and chicken were among many special presents given to the Reupanas at their farewell last Friday.
School children, teachers, board members, parents and friends shed tears of sorrow to see them closing another chapter of their life and opening another in the village.
Mr Reupana’s tribesmen of Siane area in Chuave district, Simbu province, received them and led them out of the school grounds.