Teacher development given little attention, says principal


ENGA Teachers College principal Michael Homingu says teacher development should take priority over students in order to achieve quality education
During the college’s graduation ceremony last Friday, Homingu raised concern that teacher development was given very little attention.
He said teachers’ issues may be not considered importance but they played a huge role in the end result of education.
He said teachers needed up-skilling programmes, study incentives, better housing and good pay.
He stated that when teachers’ issues were neglected that would result in poor learning outcomes for students.
“If the welfare of teachers is properly addressed, they will give the best to their students.”
He called on the Government to make it mandatory for teachers to go through rigorous up-skilling every three year until retirement to update themselves with the changes.
“The tuition fee free policy is excellent but what about teacher development?”
He added that despite very little attention being given to teacher development, many still demanded quality teachers.
“How can you demand committed and well trained teachers for your children when nothing is done to develop teachers? This needs serious answers,” Homingu stated.
He stressed that teacher development must receive special attention from the Government if it was serious about producing quality human resources.