Teacher duo retire


TWO primary school head teachers in Eastern Highlands have retired after clocking in a total of 90 years of service.
Tony Koyangko (43 years) and Philip Avuti (47 years) were sent off in a farewell ceremony in West Goroka Primary School on Friday.
Koyangko started his teaching career in 1977, at Tafeto Primary School after completing his primary school teacher training at Holy Trinity Teachers College in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, in 1975.
Prior to becoming a teacher, Koyangko was a police sub-inspector in Kundiawa, Chimbu.
Koyangko said his desire to become a teacher was high so he applied to Holy Trinity Teachers college and trained to be a teacher.
He taught in many schools in Eastern Highlands.
He was promoted up the rank and file until he was West Goroka Primary school head which is one of the biggest in the province.
“More than 30,000 students passed through the education process under my teaching and administration,” Koyangko said.
“I am now 60 and on the list for compulsory retirement.
“I am satisfied that I have contributed to the education of so many students.
“I am happy to retire back to my Daulo Pass mountain top village.”
Likewise, Avuti, from Yauna village in Unggai, Unggai-Bena, is retiring after 47 years.
Avuti trained to be a teacher in 1973 in Port Moresby Inservice College after graduating at the University of Papua New Guinea in 1972.
He taught in Western Highlands and Enga where he met his wife Helen. They have five children.
Avuti came back to his home province (Eastern Highlands) and taught in many schools and made his way up the rank and file to be a head teacher.
He administered many schools, including North Goroka Primary School, and was deputy head teacher in West Goroka where Koyangko was the head teacher.
Avuti also reached the retirement age of 60 and fell into compulsory retirement.
“I am satisfied after offering my best to teach and groom future leaders of this wonderful country,” he said.