Teacher gets less after pay rise


THE sick joke of the Teaching Services Commission and the education department to deduct more than 25 per cent of teachers’ salaries over pay 18, 19, and 20 needs to be investigated.
The pay increase resulted in more deductions.
This how we have been treated, and I will give an example of myself.

  • My net pay before the salary increase of three per cent was K407.
  • After the pay increase over three paydays, I was paid K550
  • Starting pay 18, I received K340
  • Pay 19 I was paid K370
  • Pay 20 I was paid K380

So where is the justification of the three per cent pay rise for 2017 and 2018?
Now the pay deductions have been such that we are now into negative salary points, which is lower than the starting salary before the three per cent increase.
I feel useless by being already overtaxed and the loan sharks have no mercy when it comes to deductions and defaults.
Is there any truth in the explanations from the education minister?

Victimized teacher