Teacher: Logo on music boxes a concern for children

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The National, Tuesday October 8th, 2013

 A TEACHER in a secondary school in Port Moresby has lashed out at some shops in Port Moresby selling portable USB music boxes with SP Brewery logo on them.

The teacher, who did not want to be identified, said the music boxes should not carry the signage of alcohol companies as that would encourage school children to drink alcohol.

“The SP Brewery management must investigate these shops and see if the owners are using their registered brand logo to sell these products,” he said. 

“It is very encouraging to small children who might feel the need to drink alcohol.”

A parent of a child in  primary school said the music boxes might set a harmful trend for the children to venture out and drink alcohol at an early age.

“The children will hold onto the boxes and listen to music and at the same time they will look at the logo and feel that they might want to drink beer,” the parent said. 

“This is not good in having a child being exposed to such items as it will affect their mindset and behaviour at an early age.”

SP Brewery management confirmed it was seeking legal advice whether the shops were illegally using their registered trademarks on the music boxes.

An official with the brewery company said: “If they are found infringing on trademark regulations, legal action will be taken.”