Teacher: Pay rise benefiting minority

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The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013

 A SECONDARY school teacher in the National Capital District doubts that the recently announced pay rise for teachers will benefit everyone.

The teacher, who did not want to be named, said the pay rise could benefit only those holding senior positions in schools and the education department, and not those in rural and remote areas. 

The pay increment was reached last week after talks between the PNG Teachers Association and the Teaching Services Commission.

The teacher said judging from the education department’s response to teachers’ housing allowances and teaching resources, things did not look too promising because similar assurances had been made in the past. 

He said teachers were still struggling to cope with the increase in student numbers in classes which did not have proper classrooms and facilities. 

He said despite similar promises in the past, the situations had not improved because only the needs of those at the top levels are accommodated.   

“I see that it is good news for just 10% of the 49,000 teachers. 

“The rest of the ordinary teachers across the country will still be striving to realise this improvement. 

“This initiative must be directed to the teachers on the ground; the rural and community based teachers and ordinary teachers who have been thriving to accommodate ever increasing demands. 

“Actually ordinary teachers receive just a little junk or none at all. It is indeed good news but everything and everyone must be served,” he said.            

General Secretary for Teaching Service Commission Baran Sori responded, saying the agreement is between the PNG Teachers Association (PNGTA) and TSC with PNGTA being vocal on the matter representing teachers’ views. 

He said if the teacher was concerned and doubted the exercise, then he could be a non-member of PNGTA as the teachers’ association was happy and satisfied with the agreement.